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A script is the text file that contains code (generally from a scripting language).


It's a part of the source.

It's an executable.

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Datacadamia - Data all the things

Computer science from a data perspective
How to write a Linux Script (Shebang)?

This page is the creation of Script in Linux. They can be written in many languages does not need an extension must be given the execution permission where the first line called the Shebang_(Unix)shebang...
HyperText markup Language ( HTML )

What is HTML ? the HyperText markup Language
Javascript - Script

A Javascript script is script file with a js extension. A browser script is a run that is run by the browser where Javascript is: in a page via the script element: in a browser extension created...
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Language - Source (File)

The source are the files that contains the code. The source file are text file that follows the grammar of the languages. Artifactory such as image and other file that are needed to run the application...
Process States
OS - Executable

An operating system has two forms of executable file: direct execution: a native image indirect execution: a script file. The operating system executes the native image (an interpreter) and passes...
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Php Php is a scripting language that runs: * on a web server via cgi * or directly at the command line via the php interpreter. Development...
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Python - Script

in Python are source file that can be run. On Linux, begin your scripts with your interpreter. See or You can find them by executing the whereis commando: sys.argv[0] is the script name...
Web - CGI (Common Gateway Interface)

Common Gateway Interface (CGI) is the oldest interface, and is supported by nearly every web server out of the box. The web server will: parse the HTTP request into environment variable call the...
What is the script HTML element?

A client-side script is a program that is: linked (server-side script) or directly embedded in an HTML document (in-line script) Scripts in HTML have “run-to-completion” semantics, meaning that...

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