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Some useful characteristics of scripting languages are:

  • Convenience: Most scripting languages are dynamically typed. The type is not on the variable but on the value. You can usually create new variables without declaring the variable type, and you can reuse variables to store objects of different types. Also, scripting languages tend to perform many type conversions automatically, for example, converting the number 10 to the text “10” as necessary.
  • Developing rapid prototypes: You can avoid the edit-compile-run cycle and just use edit-run.
  • Application extension/customization: You can “externalize” parts of your application - like:
    • configuration scripts,
    • business logic/rules
    • and math expressions for financial applications.
  • interactive computing with “Command line” shells (Repl/ Command Line (Interpreter|Interface)) for applications -for debugging, runtime/deploy time configuration etc.

This kind of language have a weak typing.

Common scripting conveniences


Scripting lends itself to a wide variety of applications including:

  • rapid prototyping,
  • user scripting extension,
  • rules engines,
  • configuration,
  • testing,
  • dynamic deployment,
  • embedded systems,
  • and even education.


Documentation / Reference

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