Low Level Language

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A low level language is a language that is really closed to the machine language. The first, two and some third generation such as C are typed as low level language because they are not caching the interface of the hardware device

Higher level language are more focused on the business domain

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Computer Language

A programming language is a interface to the control of a CPU effectively controlling a computer. A language is a (possibly infinite) set of string all of which choose their symbols from some one alphabet....
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Language - Assembly (asm)

Assembly language is a low-level programming language. It's a the second generation of language just above machine language. This language is a much more readable language than machine language because...
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Software Design - Complexity (Small steps)

vs Complexity emerges when high-level concept are expressed with lower-level language. 0134190440Rob Pike - The Go Programming Language Nick_Craver/status/831188443610898436Nick Craver

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