Language - Generation (1GL, 2GL, 3GL, 4GL)

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Higher is the number, closer we get where plain spoken human language will be sufficient to program a computer.

The closer the language used by the programmer is to human language, the higher the GL number.

Generalation Language



A first-generation language (or 1GL) is one single language: the machine language.


Second-generation languages (2GLs) include assembly language.

In 2GL language, the programmer is obligated to deal with very low levels of detail within the computer's hardware to perform relatively common coding tasks.

For example, in order to write a command to add two numbers together, you write code that identifies which registers will contains the first number and second number. Then you will invoke a command to perform the arithmetic and store the result in a third location.


high level language or Third-generation languages (3GLs) were create primarily to reuse code via block but they also include common language features such as:

The code is translated to machine code for the computer to actually execute.


SQL is the only widely used 4GL in commercial use today.

Artificial intelligence languages are also classified as 4GL.

Declarative language and dsl could be classified as 4GL.

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