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Constants are values that are fixed at compile time.

They are variables that centralize value setting (configuration).

A variable with a value that does not change throughout the program.

If you tried to assign a different value to a constant after the first declaration, the program would reject the change.

Constant can be also implemented as a Nilary function.

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A nilary of nullary function is a function where the signature has no argument. The arity (number of argument) is said to be null or nil A constant is a nullary function Code Math
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The names of constant fields are in upper-case letters. By convention, the names of constant values are spelled in uppercase letters. If the name is composed of more than one word, the words are separated...
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constant in Javascript The const keyword make the variable immutable.
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in PHP See Class ConstantsClass Constants differ from normal static variables in that you don't use the $ symbol to declare or use them. Abstract static method With reflection and the...

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