Language - Name (Program Entity)

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Name in a language code

A name is a property of a program entity.

The name permits to:

  • refer to a variable, type, statement
  • or to call a function (ie run)


Single letter names are bad

Tip: This is not a one.

Single Letter Name

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(Data) Type - (Datatype|Type of data)

Variables, parameters, and function may be typed (static typing) and return values that are typed (as do a database column). The type of a variable or expression defines the characteristics of the values...
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Section computable function. A function is a callable unit that may be called: a procedure, a subrontine a routine, a method (belong to an objectmacrocomputablalgorithreusable blocargumentdevelopment...
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in Antlr. Antlr has two types of rule: Name Case Type Description Example from the getting started uppercase letter lexer rule (known as Token name, they defines the token that the lexer...
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Function - Anonymous (Function Literal)

A anonymous function is a function that has no name. Same as an anonymous block of code ? Same as ? Anonymous_function
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in Go. “camel case”. Example: QuoteRuneToASCII and parseRequestLine but never quote_rune_to_ASCII or parse_request_line. The letters of acronyms and initialisms like ASCII and HTML are...
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A label is a name that identifies a location within the source code. It's generally used as part of a goto statement to move the flow of a program. Label_(computer_science)
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Key Value (or Property)

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Language - (Execution) Context (Connection=Session, Request, Scope, Namespace)

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Language - (Import|Include|Require)

import basically makes names (generally of function) available to the current script. To load modules, language uses different expression: imports includes. require (Node) The import functionality...

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