Language - Namespace (Scoping rule for name)

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Logical Data Modeling - Namespace (Hierarchical Entity Organization) in code.


Completely related to the notion of scope. See Language - Scope of an identifier (Variable, Package, Lexical)


File System

Dynamic Language:

  • Code Shipping - (Module|Component). php definition: In the broadest definition namespaces are a way of encapsulating items. An example with directory as namespace, the file foo.txt can exist in both directory /home/greg and in /home/other, but two copies of foo.txt cannot co-exist in the same directory.

Markup Language:

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Code Shipping - (Library|Package)

A library is a component meant to be consumed either by: another library or an application. A library is also known as a package. ( scope/directory ) Library are reusable software components...
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File System - Directory

A directory serve to group related files, and act then as a namespace for the files within them. A directory is just a file with the directory type without content that may have children ...
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Hive - Database

All table in hive are in a database. The database: has a namespaces function are used to enforce security for a user or group of users. Qualify the table names db_name.table_name Set it...
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Java - Package

namespace in java. A package is a namespace that organizes a set of related classes and interfaces. Conceptually you can think of packages as being similar to different folders on your computer. ...
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Language - (Execution) Context (Connection=Session, Request, Scope, Namespace)

The context is an object that wraps an execution object in order to set metadata contextual information such: as the start time, the location, ... the scope (ie namespace). session information....
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Language - Scope of an identifier (Variable, Package, Lexical)

Scope determines where and how identifiers (variable, function, class) are stored. See also, same as : A scope can be nested inside another scope. If one scope is nested inside another, code inside...
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PHP - Namespace

Namespace notion in PHP namespace
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Python - Namespace

in Python. The namespace for a module is automatically created the first time a module is imported.
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R - Namespace

namespace function in R. See also
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What is a Domain?

The term domain is just the equivalent short name for a DNS name (ie Domain name). For more information, check the dedicated page: This examples show how the domain name is used to define a host resource....

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