Code Shipping - (Module|Component)

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Module are several source scripts (compiled or not) bundled together as a mean to:

A module is also known as:

  • Package
  • Component

A module:




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Code - Reusable (Duplicate) - Program Structure

A powerful concept in most modern programming languages is the ability to group code into reusable units. Reusable units are: programs or block of codes that can be called (ie have a name) Reusability...
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Code Shipping - (Library|Package)

A library is a component meant to be consumed either by: another library or an application. A library is also known as a package. ( scope/directory ) Library are reusable software components...
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Code Shipping - Application

An application is a component not meant to be reused whereas a library is.
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Code Shipping - Archive (Distribution)

In the context of code shipping, an archive: contains module (package) in the following form: compiled code or source or/and other resource files is versioned that are used to distribute...
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Code Shipping - Dependency (Coupling)

in code. A (module|package|library) often requires other (packages|module) to be installed to function correctly. Such a relation is called a dependency. Coupling or dependency is the degree to which...
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Code Shipping - Deployment

After the creation of release, the next step in a deployment pipeline is to deploy the code (ie archive). Generally, It implies: to run a deployment software with the release as parameter. the output...
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Code Shipping - Packaging ( Archive | Container )

Packaging is the mechanism that creates module (libraries) from code in order to be able to distributed. (library|package) are generally packaged into an archive of code (such as JAR, ZIP, ... files)....
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Code Shipping - Project

A project is a structure meant to facilitate the building of a component. It will group all artifact (file, code, data,...) generally inside a directory alongside a metadata file that will declare all...
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Code Test - Assertion Library

in a code testing context. assertiontest method onlytest framework . An assertion library helps you write your result expectation of a code in a unit test between: the value that you get from your...
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Code Versioning - Versioning scheme

The different scheme on the version number of a release of a module. it's just a numberNick_Craver/status/910109822326099969?s=03Nick Craver APISemantic...

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