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.env files are property files that set the environment variable for a development environment.


This logic was taken from React where the defined the environment value with NODE_ENV

  • .env: Default.
  • .env.local: Local overrides. This file is loaded for all environments except test.
  • .env.development, .env.test, .env.production: Environment-specific settings.
  • .env.development.local, .env.test.local, .env.production.local: Local overrides of environment-specific settings.

With the script of a create react app, Files on the left have more priority than files on the right:

  • npm start: .env.development.local, .env.development, .env.local, .env
  • npm run build: .env.production.local, .env.production, .env.local, .env
  • npm test: .env.test.local, .env.test, .env (note .env.local is missing)

.env files should be checked into source control (with the exclusion of .env*.local).


Documentation / Reference

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