Code Review

Peer code reviews are the single biggest thing, you can do to improve your code

Jeff Atwood

If you’re not getting code reviews you’re probably not growing as a developer

We are doing code reviews when the developer feels it needs a review.

  • This process works great for us. In our experience, the overhead of code reviews for *everything* is nowhere near worth it. It's quite a productivity drain overall.
  • If a code review process is on everything is worth it for your team: rock on. Absolutely do what works for you.

Remember: we're not building software for a bank or a nuclear launch system (HI NSA!), so view all processes and tradeoffs in their appropriate context of what's important where.

Remarkable how quickly we become perfectionists when reviewing someone else's work.

I'm thorough on all code reviews in hopes everyone improves and we build an awesome thing.

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No code review … :)

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