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Provisioning in the context of software means installing software needed to run the application (For instance: a jdk, a web server such as Apache)

In the context of hardware, it means creating the needed hardware. See Infra - Provisioning


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Azure - Provision

in Azure Provisioning happens through VM extension. Create a VM with WordPress...
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Infra - Provisioning

It means creating the needed resources (used often in the cloud)
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Infrastructure as code Application

Application This section is composed of the applications that you can use to implement a infrastructure as code
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Network - Load Balancer (NLB, ALB, CLB)

A Load Balancer distributes incoming traffic across targets, such as VM or container. A load balancer also monitors the health of its registered targets and ensures that it routes traffic only to healthy...
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A orchestration tool will provision the servers or container themselves, leaving the job of configuring those servers to other configuration management tool. It's part of a set of tool to support infrastructure...
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Vagrant - Provision (Code, Software Installation)

in Vagrant. where: :shell is the provisioner mydir/ is relative to the project directory the packaging custom boxes documentation ...
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What is Infrastructure as code? (Configuration, Provisioning, and Software Deployment)

Infrastructure as code means that all ops operations are scripted and are found in code. They are used in DevOps pipeling for continuous deployment You will find three kind of software in this area:...

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