Code Shipping - (Package|Library|Dependency) Manager

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(Package|Library|Dependency) Manager are a framework and distribution system for archive that takes into account dependency between them.

  • Debian's “apt-get” package management utility.


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Anaconda - conda

conda is the package manager of conda It's a little bit the same than . The conda command is the primary interface for managing installations of various packages. It can: Query and search the Anaconda...
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Cloud Init

Cloud-init is a widely used approach to customize a Linux VM as it boots for the first time. Cloud-init is called during the initial boot process, there are no additional...
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Code Shipping - (Library|Package)

A library is a component meant to be consumed either by: another library or an application. A library is also known as a package. ( scope/directory ) Library are reusable software components...
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Code Shipping - (Library|Package) (Distribution|Publication)

Distribution is the process of uploading a library into a repository via a packaging system in order to make it available for reuse. A library or an application could then reuse it by declaring it as...
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Code Shipping - Binary Distribution

A binary distribution is the binary representation of the code in a archive format of a release. Compiled Code is generally packaged in archive that you can get via a package manager. The distribution...
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Code Shipping - Packaging ( Archive | Container )

Packaging is the mechanism that creates module (libraries) from code in order to be able to distributed. (library|package) are generally packaged into an archive of code (such as JAR, ZIP, ... files)....
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Code Shipping - Transitive Dependency (External ?)

A transitive dependency is a dependency of a dependency. They form a transitive relationship in the dependency tree. . This is the default type of dependency relationship in a package manager. Your...
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Code Versioning - Release

A release is packaging your application under a version in a format that is suitable for the distribution channel. If you publish your application to: a package manager, you should create your application...
Git - Submodule (modules)

Submodules allow you to keep a Git repository as a subdirectory of another Git repository. package manager A submodule is materialzied as: a subdirectory in your working directory. with its metadata...
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Go - Package (Import)

Package in Go. Go treats files in a single directory as belonging to one package as long as they all have the same name in their package declarations. Go code is organized into packages (similar to libraries...

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