Javascript Package - Package Manager


This article talks about package manager in Javascript.

They are the first component of the web toolchain as they permit to:

  • declare package as dependency
  • download and update package
  • create a package of your code.

The Javascript ecosystem is based on the npm specification and relies on the package.json file as manifest to describe a package. Therefore every time, you see a package.json in a directory, this is the root directory of package


A non-exhaustive list of package manager

They have all their own implementation of node_modules directory that should contain all Javascript dependency

  • flat vs hierarchical
  • symlink

Create a directory by package manager and add a dependency to see the difference

pnpm add express
npm add express
pnpm add express


Every package manager creates a shrinkwrap file that should be committed in your version repository.

How to define it for your project?

You can define it with the packageManager property in package.json

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