Javascript - Yarn


Yarn is a package manager

It aims to resolve two problems:

  • to download the library only once by having a local repository
  • to fix the code of the dependency. Library authors may have change the code without changing the version and break your code. The immutability of installed packages is handled via a yarn.lock file, which ensures that every install results in the exact same file structure in the node_modules across all machines.

Yarn command

Most yarn commands are similar to npm equivalents and it is fine to use the npm versions instead


for instance

  • Install a package into the current project
yarn add uglify-js
  • Install a cli globally has been deprecated for Yarn dlx to run a one off script (to install globally use npm install -g)
## deprecated
yarn add global uglify-js

Global Package

Since Node version 16, the package manager is managed by Node and the binary is in the Node HOME.

The old directory location were:

  • Linux: HOME/.config/yarn/global/
  • Windows: AppData\Local\Yarn\Data\global\package.json



error Package “xxx” refers to a non-existing file '“yyyy”'.

Go to the global package.json file and

  • modify the path
  • or delete the package from the file

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