File System Structure - Application Data (%APPDATA%)

Undraw File Manager Re Ms29


Application Data (APPDATA) is a hidden folder where application can saved their data for one user.

To share data between several user, the ProgramData folder should be used.



  • Default Location

  • Environment variable

Process / Thread - Environment Variable

  • Structure

The appdata folders contains three subfolders



  • local contains data that will stay on the computer (cache, big file..
  • localLow contains data that may be used even in Protected mode (with more restricted security settings)
  • roaming is the data that would roam (ie sync from computer to computer) after a user login on the same domain


  • The appdata equivalent for linux is a hidden home sub-directory with the name of the application


  • ~ is a shortcut for home

Documentation / Reference

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Undraw File Manager Re Ms29
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