What are Disk Usage Tools? ( xdu tools)

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Disk Usage tools or (du tools) are application that permits to visualize, analyze a disk. Note that disk means a file system that can be:

  • logical (ie in the cloud with buckets)
  • or semi-physical (ie disk through a OS file system)


  • Ncdu - disk usage analyzer to find space hogs on a remote server
  • Duc - Multiple user interfaces.
  • gt5 - Quite similar to ncdu, but a different approach.
  • gdu - Go disk usage analyzer inspired by ncdu.
  • dua - Rust disk usage analyzer.
  • godu - Another Go disk usage analyzer, with a slightly different browser UI.
  • tdu - Go command-line tool with ncdu JSON export.
  • TreeSize - GTK, using a treeview.
  • Baobab - GTK, using pie-charts, a treeview and a treemap. Comes with GNOME.
  • GdMap - GTK, with a treemap display.
  • Filelight - KDE, using pie-charts.
  • QDirStat - Qt, with a treemap display.
  • K4DirStat - Qt, treemap.
  • xdiskusage - FLTK, with a treemap display.
  • fsv - 3D visualization.

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