Regular File

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regular is a type of file that indicates that the file can store data (ie content).


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Binary File

A binary file is regular file that does not contain textual data but another another format that is defined at the bit level. If the format is unknown, the term used is binary data bit
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File - File

A file is a logical representation of multiple block that can be accessed and manipulated at once by a program. Generally, a file is stored in a durable in the sense that it remains available for programs...
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File System - File (Attributes|Metadata|Status)

file attributes are the metadata of a file. A file consists also of attributes such as: path (location) its directory (act as a namespace) contents (only for regular file) the security descriptor,...
Undraw File Manager Re Ms29
How is defined the type of content of a file

This page gives you clearly what the type of file content is.
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Text - Text File

A text file is a regular file that contains text data. To read a text file, you need to give the character set in order to translate the bit (binary data) to character. If you have a problem when displaying...

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