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When a file is open, it gets a file descriptor (File Handle) from the file system as a mean to manipulate it.

Open File from a process are generally:

The information on open file are on this page: File System - File Descriptor or Handle (Open File)

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read is a file system io operations that opens the file for read access OS In the OS file system, it's equivalent to get a file descriptor. Linux API : read(2) Generally before reading a file,...
Undraw File Manager Re Ms29
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A File lock is a lock on a file They are acquired from the operating system kernel file system. All open files have acquired a lock. Their implementation is OS depend. They are generally just flags....
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File System - File Descriptor or Handle (Open File)

A file descriptor (Unix, Linux) or a file handle (Windows) is the connection id (generally to a file) from the Operating system in order to perform IO operations (Input/Ouput of Bytes). For Wikipedia,...
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