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A zip file is an archive


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Code Shipping - Archive (Distribution)

In the context of code shipping, an archive: contains module (package) in the following form: compiled code or source or/and other resource files is versioned that are used to distribute...
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File - Tarball (tar.gz file, untar)

A tarball (tar.gz file) is a compressed tar archive. If in zip format Otherwise When a file is delivered in a tar file, it's generally in a subdirectory that indicate the version of the application....
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Linux - Zip / Unzip

The zip manager in Linux Compression: take advantage of redundancy between files. split archives: storing a large archive on multiple removable media. split big file ? List the content...
Java Conceptuel Diagram
Java - (Jar|Java ARchive) File

JAR stands for Java ARchive and is file format born in 1996 as a simple extension of the popular ZIP archive format with class and other required resource files: manifest signature files images,...
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What is an archive ? (Zip, Tar, Jar, ...)

An archive is a tree of file and directory that are grouped in one file.

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