File - Name

Undraw File Manager Re Ms29


Short name

You can see the short name of a Windows file with the Dos - Dir command. BROWSE~1.SH for instance below is a short name.

dir /X
02/07/2019  13:24    <DIR>                       .
02/07/2019  13:24    <DIR>                       ..
17/01/2019  12:08             9,766 BROWSE~1.SH
17/01/2019  12:08             6,615 DIFF-H~1     diff-highlight
17/01/2019  12:08            13,474 GIT-BR~1     git-branch-status
17/01/2019  12:08               126 GIT-RE~1.SH

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Undraw File Manager Re Ms29
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Undraw File Manager Re Ms29
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