What is an Object Storage File System? (known also as edge storage)

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Object storage (or object edge storage) is:

File Identifier

In addition to the path, each object possesses a unique, generated and immutable identifier.

This identifier makes it possible to create a distributed file system that is:

  • not constrained to a unique physical server.
  • replication (Generally 3x to recover from fault)

They are mostly variations or fork of the Hadoop File System that are provided in the cloud (SAAS).


  • Media/web asset hosting and delivery (image, js, css, …)
  • Software delivery - Host images, containers, or software libraries that your customers can download. Proxy may also deliver software (Cloudflare max is 512 MB per file 1) )

Service and Price comparions

This is a quick list of price that is mostly based on:

  • total size
  • egress (download)
  • and API call.
Service Storage Download (Egress) API
s3 $0.023/GB $0.09/GB
Bunny (used in JsDeliver CDN) 0.025/Gb (3 regions) 0 0
Azure Storage
Cloudflare R2
Ovh Block Storage
Wasabi $.0059 per GB/mo ($5.99 per TB/month) / Asia: $.0068 No egress charges
BackBlaze $0.005 GB/month $0.01 GB/month
DigitalOcean Spaces $5/mo - 250 GB of storage (0.02/gb above) 1 TB of outbound transfer

Price on VM volumn is much higher: $0.15/GB


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Undraw File Manager Re Ms29
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Undraw File Manager Re Ms29
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