HDFS - hdfs command line

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hdfs client which is an alias for HDFS - Fs Shell ??


hdfs [--config confdir] [--loglevel loglevel] COMMAND

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Aws - S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service)

S3 (ie Simple Storage Service) is a edge storage file system in Aws based on Hadoop File System Amazon S3 uses dense storage drives that are optimized for storing larger objects inexpensively. Amazon...
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File - File System (filesystem)

A file system (often also written as filesystem) is an application that stores and organizes files and their data (content). Essentially, it organizes these files for storage, organization, manipulation,...
Hdfs Ui Block Information
HDFS - Block

in HDFS. The block size can be changed by file. Block are stored on a datanode and are grouped in block pool The location on where the blocks are stored is defined in hdfs-site.xml....
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HDFS - Client Connection

A client establishes a connection to a configurable TCP port on the NameNode machine. It talks the ClientProtocol with the NameNode. A Remote Procedure Call (RPC) abstraction wraps both the Client Protocol...
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HDFS - Cluster

An HDFS cluster consists of: a single NameNode (the head node) managing the file system. The NameNode is the arbitrator and repository for all HDFS metadata. a number of DataNodes, usually one per...
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HDFS - Configuration (hdfs-site.xml)

HDFS follows the same configuration scheme than the whole Hadoop platform. See The configuration are split between two files: hdfs-site.xml, which provides default behaviors for the HDFS client. ...
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The DFSAdmin is a sub-command of the hdfs command line and is used for administering an HDFS cluster. These are commands that are used only by an HDFS administrator. dfsadmin is a subcommand of...
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HDFS - Fs Shell

Fs Shell is a client command line tool to manage HDFS. where: hadoop is the hadoop client hdfs is command is a file system command (ie ls, cat, ...) uri is For copy, you can also use...
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HDFS - Hadoop Archive file (har)

in the Hadoop context. An archive: exposes itself as a hdfs file system layer. All the fs shell commands in the archives work then but with a different . is immutable. Rename’s, deletes and...
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HDFS - Heartbeat (Dead datanode)

Each DataNode sends a Heartbeat message to the NameNode periodically. The NameNode marks DataNodes without recent Heartbeats as dead and does not forward any new IO requests to them. The time-out...

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