HDFS - (User) Authentication, Identification

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What is Authentication, known also as Access control, Identification, or AuthN? in HDFS.

If Hadoop is configured with all of its defaults, Hadoop doesn’t do any authentication of users.

See also: HDFS - Permissions (Authorization)

In hdfs, a user or group are just strings of characters. The below command will always work.

hadoop fs -chown badUser:badGroup /test

No one will be able to access that file except the adminusers


User identity mechanism is specified by the configuration property: hadoop.security.authentication


The user is the Linux user. The below command will be processed with the user userName

sudo -u userName hadoop fs ls /


Kerberos is an authentication protocol which uses tickets to allow nodes to identify themselves.

In a secure Hadoop configuration, all of the Hadoop daemons use Kerberos to perform mutual authentication



hdfs getconf -confKey hadoop.security.authentication

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User management in HDFS See: List group of a user See The default administrator user is hdfs. The default administrator group is hdfs.

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