HDFS - (User) Authentication, Identification

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(Authentication|Access control|Identification) - AuthN in HDFS.

If Hadoop is configured with all of its defaults, Hadoop doesn’t do any authentication of users.

See also: HDFS - Permissions (Authorization)

In hdfs, a user or group are just strings of characters. The below command will always work.

hadoop fs -chown badUser:badGroup /test

No one will be able to access that file except the adminusers


User identity mechanism is specified by the configuration property: hadoop.security.authentication


The user is the Linux user. The below command will be processed with the user userName

sudo -u userName hadoop fs ls /


Kerberos is an authentication protocol which uses tickets to allow nodes to identify themselves.

In a secure Hadoop configuration, all of the Hadoop daemons use Kerberos to perform mutual authentication



hdfs getconf -confKey hadoop.security.authentication

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User management in HDFS See: List group of a user See The default administrator user is hdfs. The default administrator group is hdfs.

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