HDFS - Hadoop Archive file (har)

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Code Shipping - Archive (Distribution) in the Hadoop context.


An archive:

  • exposes itself as a hdfs file system layer. All the fs shell commands in the archives work then but with a different uri.
  • is immutable. Rename’s, deletes and creates command return an error.



  • Qualified URI
  • Default file system (host and port)


with Hadoop - hadoop client utility

hadoop archive -archiveName name -p <parent> [-r <replication factor>] <src>* <dest>


Since all the fs shell commands in the archives work transparently, unarchiving is just a matter of copying.

To unarchive:

hdfs dfs -cp har:///user/zoo/foo.har/dir1 hdfs:/user/zoo/newdir
hadoop distcp har:///user/zoo/foo.har/dir1 hdfs:/user/zoo/newdir

Documentation / Reference

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