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CLASSNAME - run the class named CLASSNAME COMMAND is one of: fs run a generic filesystem user client. HDFS - Fs Shell version print the version jar run a jar file. See Hadoop - Jar (Launch a java application)
  * ''checknative [-a|-h]''  check native hadoop and compression libraries availability
  * ''distcp'' copy file or directories recursively. [[..:hdfs:distcp]] 
  * ''envvars''              display computed [[..:conf#environment_variable|Hadoop environment variables]]
  * ''archive'' create a hadoop archive. [[..:hdfs:archive]] 
  * ''classpath''            prints the [[..:classpath|class path]] needed to get the Hadoop jar and the required libraries
  * ''credential''           interact with credential providers [[auth]]
  * ''daemonlog''            get/set the log level for each [[..:daemon#log|daemon]]
  * ''trace''                view and modify Hadoop tracing settings. [[diagnostic]]
===== Example ===== * Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) ===== Documentation / Reference ===== * 2.9 reference

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Classpath to get the Hadoop jar and required libraries With hadoop
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Hadoop - Diagnostic (Tracing)

Enabling Dapper-like Tracing in Hadoop See also: daemon log See also: hadoop trace command
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Hadoop - Environment variable

environment variable for the daemon can be modified in the following files hadoop-env.sh yarn-env.sh mapred-env.sh hadoop-user-functions.sh allows for advanced users to override some shell functionality...

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