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What is Authentication, known also as Access control, Identification, or AuthN? in Hadoop



See: Hadoop - hadoop client utility

hadoop credential 

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Hadoop - (Core|Common)

Core or Common are the utilities that are common to the Hadoop daemon Hadoop Version 1: hadoop-core-{version}.jar maven...
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Hadoop - Security

See: Class: org.apache.hadoop.security
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Hadoop - User

User in the context of Hadoop. A user is the value returned from the authentication process. Ie the user is the linux user starting the process Make a local user Create directories on hdfs...
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Hadoop - hadoop client utility

CLASSNAME - run the class named CLASSNAME COMMAND is one of: fs run a generic filesystem user client. version print the version jar run a jar file. See =====...
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Hadoop Core - Proxy Authentication

proxy authentication in Hadoop See also: A superuser wants to submit job and access hdfs on behalf of a user. The superuser has kerberos credentials but the user doesn’t have any. Example:...

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