HDFS - Fs Shell

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Fs Shell is a client command line tool to manage HDFS.


hadoop fs command uri

# hdfs dfs is a synonym
hdfs dfs command uri




For copy, you can also use HDFS - DistCp (distributed inter/intra-cluster copy)

Documentation / Reference

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Azure - Windows Azure Storage Blob (WASB) - HDFS

Windows Azure Storage Blob (WASB) is an file system implemented as an extension built on top of the HDFS APIs and is in many ways HDFS. The WASB variation uses: SSL certificates for improved security...
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HDFS - Client Connection

A client establishes a connection to a configurable TCP port on the NameNode machine. It talks the ClientProtocol with the NameNode. A Remote Procedure Call (RPC) abstraction wraps both the Client Protocol...
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A typical file in HDFS is gigabytes to terabytes in size. A file is split into one or more blocks. Files in HDFS are write-once (except for appends and truncates) and have strictly one writer at any...
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HDFS - Hadoop Archive file (har)

in the Hadoop context. An archive: exposes itself as a hdfs file system layer. All the fs shell commands in the archives work then but with a different . is immutable. Rename’s, deletes and...
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Snapshots support storing a copy of data at a particular instant of time. One usage of the snapshot feature may...
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If trash configuration is enabled, files removed by FS Shell is not immediately removed from HDFS. Instead, HDFS moves it to a trash directory. The file can be restored quickly as long as it remains...
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hdfs client which is an alias for ??
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Hadoop - Winutils

Provide basic command line utilities for Hadoop on Windows. File System operation equivalent to Hdfs Task and service operation It works with hadoop.dll to get local access to the local file system...
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CLASSNAME - run the class named CLASSNAME COMMAND is one of: fs run a generic filesystem user client. version print the version jar run a jar file. See =====...
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Mapr - xd file system (Hdfs)

distributed storage for all data. This is a clone of Fs Shell therefore you can use the hadoop fs command to operate on files and directories. ...

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