HDFS - Snapshot

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Snapshots support storing a copy of data at a particular instant of time. One usage of the snapshot feature may be to roll back a corrupted HDFS instance to a previously known good point in time.


See HDFS - Fs Shell


See HDFS - DFSAdmin option -allowSnapshot

: Allow snapshots to be taken on a directory. ==== Disallow ==== See HDFS - DFSAdmin option -disallowSnapshot : Do not allow snapshots to be taken on a directory any more. ==== Diff ==== HDFS - hdfs command line diff sub-command make a diff of two snapshots of a directory or diff the current directory contents with a snapshot hdfs snapshotDiff

==== List ==== list all snapshottable dirs owned by the current user

hdfs lsSnapshottableDir

===== Documentation / Reference ===== * http://hadoop.apache.org/docs/stable/hadoop-project-dist/hadoop-hdfs/HdfsSnapshots.html

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