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Hadoop - hadoop client utility

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HDFS - (User) Authentication, Identification

in HDFS. See also: adminusers User identity mechanism is specified by the configuration property: hadoop.security.authentication simple: same as OS kerberos The user is the Linux user....
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HDFS - NameNode

NameNode is an HDFS daemon that run on the head node. It' s the head process of the cluster that manages: the file system namespace and regulates access to files by clients. The NameNode: executes...
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Hadoop - (Core|Common)

Core or Common are the utilities that are common to the Hadoop daemon Hadoop Version 1: hadoop-core-{version}.jar maven...
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Hadoop - Diagnostic (Tracing)

Enabling Dapper-like Tracing in Hadoop See also: daemon log See also: hadoop trace command
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Hadoop - Environment variable

environment variable for the daemon can be modified in the following files hadoop-env.sh yarn-env.sh mapred-env.sh hadoop-user-functions.sh allows for advanced users to override some shell functionality...
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Hadoop - Winutils

Provide basic command line utilities for Hadoop on Windows. File System operation equivalent to Hdfs Task and service operation It works with hadoop.dll to get local access to the local file system...
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Hadoop - hadoop client utility

CLASSNAME - run the class named CLASSNAME COMMAND is one of: fs run a generic filesystem user client. version print the version jar run a jar file. See =====...
Spark Cluster
Spark - Daemon

daemon in Spark The daemon in Spark are the driver that starts the executors. See The daemon in Spark are JVM running threads (known as core (or slot) one driver = 1 JVM many core one executor...
Yarn Hortonworks
Yarn - Application (app)

An Hadoop application in the context of Yarn is either: a single job (ie a run of an application) or a DAG of jobs. On a application level (vs cluster level), Yarn consists of: a per-application...

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