Yarn - Node (Worker|Agent)

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A worker node in the yarn context.

A node is materialized on the node machine side by the node manager process. Ie the version of the node is the version of node manager.

See Yarn - Cluster



  • All nodes
yarn node -all
  • All running nodes
yarn node -list [-states] <States>[-all]


  • -states filter nodes based on node state
  • -all list all nodes


Total Nodes:13
Node-Id                Node-State Node-Http-Address                        Number-of-Running-Containers
node01:8099            RUNNING node01:8042                               4
node02:8099            RUNNING node02:8042                              10
node03:8099            RUNNING node03:8042                              10


yarn node -status <NodeId>


See Yarn - Node Label


slider application will get node dependency installation automatically.


You can see the Node manager version by nodes on the yarn ui node page.


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