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A job is a running instance of an application and can be monitored via:



See JobContext - A read-only view of the job that is provided to the tasks while they are running.

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Apache - Hive (HS|Hive Server)

Hive is a relational database developed on top of Hadoop to deliver data warehouse functionality. It uses SQL queries (HiveQL) to run MapReduce jobs on Hadoop. The Hive driver converts the HiveQL queries...
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Oozie is a scheduler for Apache Hadoop jobs. It's a Java Web application. Apache MapReduce, Apache Pig, Apache Hive, Apache Sqoop System job, like Java programs...
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A MapReduce Job is a running instance of an MapReduce application This job is a Yarn job as Yarn is the new Hadoop implementation of the Map reduce framework (v2). A map reduce application (/ job) is...
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Yarn - Application (app)

An Hadoop application in the context of Yarn is either: a single job (ie a run of an application) or a DAG of jobs. On a application level (vs cluster level), Yarn consists of: a per-application...
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Yarn - Application Master Container (AM) - Job tracker

An Application Master (AM) is a per-application daemon to look after the lifecycle of the job. driver The Application Master daemon is created when an application is started in the very first container....
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The ApplicationsManager is responsible for: accepting job-submissions, negotiating the first container for executing the application specific ApplicationMaster restarting the ApplicationMaster...
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Federation allow multiple independent clusters to be used together: for very large jobs, or for tenants who have capacity across all of them. Yarn...

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