Yarn - Node Manager

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The NodeManager (agent) is responsible for:

The NodeManager is also known as the node in the Yarn context.

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Hadoop - Daemons / Process / Services

Hadoop process Common: Key management server Hdfs: Namenode – on the head node Datanode – on the worker nodes Rest API: Yarn: ResourceManager – on the head node Web Proxy...
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Hadoop - Worker Node

The worker node is a node in an hadoop cluster that host the (worker|agent) process (in contrast with the head node that hosts the leader services). For example, the following process would be installed...
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Yarn - App Dev

Yarn application development page The yarn application model development has thee main entries: the YarnClient to communicate between the Client to ResourceManager and submit an application....
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Yarn - Application (app)

An Hadoop application in the context of Yarn is either: a single job (ie a run of an application) or a DAG of jobs. On a application level (vs cluster level), Yarn consists of: a per-application...
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Yarn - Application Master Container (AM) - Job tracker

An Application Master (AM) is a per-application daemon to look after the lifecycle of the job. driver The Application Master daemon is created when an application is started in the very first container....
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Yarn - Architecture / Topology / Components

The Yarn (ie MapReduce) framework consists of three topology level: federation of independent cluster cluster application (that the Yarn cluster runs) Federation allow multiple independent...
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Yarn - Cluster

On a cluster level, Yarn consists of: a single global leader process (the central authority): ResourceManager, a per-node (worker|agent) NodeManager , The ResourceManager is the (head|leader)...
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Yarn - Container (RmContainer|Resource Container)

A resource container incorporates resource elements such as memory, cpu, disk, network etc. The Docker...
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Yarn - Log (Container, Application) - Tfile

The log of an application (ie from all the containers that the app use when running). Application logs are not saved in text format. They are saved in a binary format called org/apache/hadoop/io/file/tfile/TFileTFile....
Yarn Hortonworks
Yarn - Node (Worker|Agent)

A worker node in the yarn context. A node is materialized on the node machine side by the node manager process. Ie the version of the node is the version of node manager. See All nodes All...

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