Yarn - Resource Manager

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The ResourceManager is the central authority of the Yarn cluster. It has two main components:



See Yarn - Yarn UI (ResourceManager UI)

Conf: yarn.resourcemanager.webapp.address

Rest API

Yarn - ResourceManager Rest API

Application submissions

for application submissions. ie The address of the applications manager interface


Conf: yarn.resourcemanager.address

  • 8032 – Default port number
  • 8050 – Default port number when you create your cluster using Ambari.


  • 8025 - conf yarn.resourcemanager.resource-tracker.address


See Scheduler port


Resource Reservation

YARN supports the notion of resource reservation via the ReservationSystem, a component that allows users to specify a profile of resources over-time and temporal constraints (e.g., deadlines), and reserve resources to ensure the predictable execution of important jobs.


Restart is a feature that allow him to keep functioning across restarts and also makes the down-time invisible to end-users.

Documentation / Reference

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