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A queue is a scheduler data structure that allows scheduler implementation to categorize apps into queue.


Queue definitions and properties such as capacity, ACLs can be changed, at runtime.



The utilization of the queue may become full (100% utilization) because the rate at which new jobs get submitted is higher than the rate at which the old jobs are completed.

The following image shows a joblauncher queue at 714.4% overused.

Queue Full

This is acceptable so long as there is still free capacity in the default queue to borrow from. However, when the cluster is fully utilized and the YARN memory is at 100% capacity, new jobs must wait, which causes timeouts on the client side (submit)



Administrators can add additional queues at runtime.


Queues cannot be deleted at runtime.


Administrators can stop queues at runtime. Existing applications continue to completion

If a queue is in STOPPED state, new applications cannot be submitted.


A stopped queue can be started.


Yarn - Yarn CLI

yarn queue


yarn top


Yarn - Yarn CLI

yarn queue -status <QueueName>

State or status can be:

  • STOPPED - Existing applications continue to completion.

Move app to queue

See Yarn - Application (app)

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