Hive - WebHCat (Rest API for HCatalog)


WebHCat ((or Templeton) service is a REST operation based API for HCatalog.

WebHCat provides a service that you can use to run Hadoop MapReduce (or YARN), Pig, Hive jobs or perform Hive metadata operations using an HTTP (REST style) interface.

WebHCat is a REST interface for remote job execution, such as:

WebHCat translates the job submission requests into YARN applications, and returns a status derived from the YARN application status.




  • On a HdInsight Azure cluster
curl -u admin:{HTTP PASSWD} https://{CLUSTERNAME}


in the /var/log/webhcat directory:

  • webhcat.log is the log4j log to which server writes logs. Each webhcat.log is rolled over daily, generating files named webhcat.log.YYYY-MM-DD.
  • webhcat-console.log is the stdout of the server when started
  • webhcat-console-error.log is the stderr of the server process


To list the network connections to and from WebHCat:

netstat | grep 30111

30111 is the port WebHCat listens on. The number of open sockets should be less than 10.


BadGateway (502 status code)

This is a generic message from gateway nodes.

Documentation / Reference

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