Hive - Live Long And Process (LLAP)

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Hive LLAP:

  • is slider service (long-lived daemon)
  • supports in-memory data caching
  • was Introduce in Hive 2.0

Functionality such as caching, pre-fetching, some query processing and access control are moved into the daemon. Small/short queries are largely processed by this daemon directly, while any heavy lifting will be performed in standard YARN containers.

Code: llap-server



curl localhost:15002/conf 
  • Configurations for LLAP monitoring are stored in resources.json, appConfig.json, metainfo.xml which are embedded into used by Slider.


  • With web service
curl localhost:15002/status
  "status" : "STARTED",
  "uptime" : 139093,
  "build" : "2.1.0-SNAPSHOT from 77474581df4016e3899a986e079513087a945674 by gopal source checksum a9caa5faad5906d5139c33619f1368bb"

  • With client
hive --service llapstatus --name {llap_app_name} [-f] [-w] [-i] [-t]


  • With web service JSON JMX data
curl localhost:15002/jmx

The LLAP Metrics Collection Server collects JMX metrics from all LLAP Daemons periodically. LLAP Monitor Daemon runs on YARN container, similar to LLAP Daemon, and listens on the same port.


  • With web service JVM Stack Traces of all threads -
curl localhost:15002/stacks

Peers (Daemon /)

The list of LLAP Daemons are extracted from the Zookeeper server which launched in the cluster.

  • With web service
curl localhost:15002/peers
  "dynamic" : true,
  "identity" : "718264f1-722e-40f1-8265-ac25587bf336",
  "peers" : [
    "identity" : "940d6838-4dd7-4e85-95cc-5a6a2c537c04",
    "host" : "",
    "management-port" : 15004,
    "rpc-port" : 15001,
    "shuffle-port" : 15551,
    "resource" : {
      "vcores" : 24,
      "memory" : 128000
    "host" : ""

Documentation / Reference

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