Hive - Server (HS or Thrift JDBC server)

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There was two big release:

  • the original Hive Server (sometimes called Thrift server or HiveServer1).
  • and the HiveServer2. See HiveServer2+Overview. The HiveServer was introduced in Hive 1.2.1.

The original HiveServer has several concurrency issues and lacks several features available in HiveServer2.



See Hive - Web UI

Documentation / Reference

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Hive - Kerberos Authentication

kerberos in Hive in order to authenticate Install kerberos: Install the odbc driver Configure it where: host fqdn is the fully qualified name of the hive server host and must be reachable....
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The transport mode is the network protcol used to made a connection HTTP mode is required when a proxy is needed between the client and server (for example, for load balancing or security reasons)....
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Hive - Web UI

A web interface for HiveServer2 is introduced in release 2.0.0 conf hive.server2.webui. URL where: port is the conf hive.server2.webui.port (default to 10002) ...
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