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Serde in Hive permits to define how a storage format should be processed to produce records.


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Apache - Hive (HS|Hive Server)

Hive is a relational database developed on top of Hadoop to deliver data warehouse functionality. It uses SQL queries (HiveQL) to run MapReduce jobs on Hadoop. The Hive driver converts the HiveQL queries...
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in Hive Avro-backed tables: starting in Hive 0.14, could be defined a storage format (ie STORED AS AVRO) before Hive 0.14, should be created as a serde ...
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Hive - Open Csv Serde

The Csv Serde is a serde that is applied above a text file. It's one way of reading a CSV / TSV format. The CSVSerde is available in Hive 0.14 and greater. Origin: ....
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Table implementation in Hive. serializer/deserializers (SerDe) The fully qualified name in Hive for a table is: where: db_name is the database name By default, tables are assumed to be of:...
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Spark - Hive

Hive is the default Spark catalog. Since Spark 2.0, Spark SQL supports builtin Hive features such as: HiveQL Hive SerDes UDFs read...

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