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Dev model

Low level

The yarn application model development has thee main entries:

  • the YarnClient to communicate between the Client to ResourceManager and submit an application.
  • AMRMClientAsync to communciatie between the ApplicationMaster and the ResourceManager (handling events asynchronously by AMRMClientAsync.CallbackHandler)
  • NMClientAsync: to communicate between the ApplicationMaster and the NodeManager - Launch containers. handling container events by NMClientAsync.CallbackHandler

This three entries wrap the yarn protocols.

High level library


Once a YarnClient is created:,

  • the client can then set up application context,
  • the client prepare the very first container of the application that contains the ApplicationMaster (AM). The client provide:
    • the dependency (local files,jars),
    • the command to be executed
    • the Unix process(es) that needs to be launched
  • the client submit the application.


Tuto based on hortonworks/simple-yarn-app

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