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cluster in Hadoop.

An cluster is group of process (generally one machine per process) called node where you will find two kind of nodes:

Additionally, you will have certainly edge nodes that hosts the client application (no services).

A minimal hadoop cluster needs HDFS and YARN.




Computer - Capacity Planning (Sizing) for a cluster

It depends mostly on how Hadoop is used.

  • Storage - Disk- with the default File System and with the default block size. Example for 10TB

<MATH> \text{Permanent Storage} = 2 . \text{Data Size} = 2 . 10TB = 20 TB \\ \text{Blocks} = 2 . \frac{\text{Data Size}}{\text{block Size}} = 2 . \frac{10000000}{128} = 156,250 </MATH>

  • Temp Storage: The output size for the Map function (will be deleted at the end of shuffle) + the output size of the Reduce function. If the Map output won't be much larger than the input …

<MATH> \text{Temporary Storage} = 2 . \text{Data Size} = 2 . 10TB = 20 TB \\ </MATH>

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