Azure - Azure Storage Account (Blob storage)

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Azure - Azure Storage Account (Blob storage)


An Azure Storage account is one type of Azure storage.

It's also known as the blob storage because it's a general purpose object store that stores blob file. For analytics purpose, Azure provides the data lake store.

It's a edge storage solution.


Storage account has containers, which in turn has data in the form of blobs.

Thi is an Hadoop File System.

Object store with flat namespace. There is no notion of tree. A tree functionality can can emulated in the name by choosing a separator. Ex of file name with emulated directory tree: /hello/nico.

Azure Storage Structure

Use case

Any type of text or binary data, such as application back end, backup data, media storage for streaming and general purpose data


REST API over HTTP/HTTPS: Azure Blob Storage Rest API

Documentation / Reference

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