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Apache - Hive (HS|Hive Server) in Azure.

Hive comes with every cluster in Azure.



# public name
# private


Connection to a Spark Hive on a Spark cluster with Dbeaver.


  • driver name = Apache Hive HdInsight
  • class name = org.apache.hive.jdbc.HiveDriver
  • URL template = jdbc:hive2://{host}[:{port}][/{database}];transportMode=http;ssl=true;httpPath=/hive2
  • Default Port = 443
  • Library: Add artifact:
    • org.apache.hive - hive-jdbc - 1.2.1
    • and org.apache.hadoop - hadoop-core - 1.2.1

Dbeaver Hdinsight Spark Hive Jdbc

Jar from dependency

From hdinsight-java-hive-jdbc - pom.xml

	  <!-- Hive version for HDInsight 3.5/3.6 -->
	  <!-- Hive version for HDInsight 3.5/3.6 -->
	  <!-- Hadoop version for HDInsight 3.5/3.6 -->


All in one: hive-jdbc-1.2.1-standalone.jar

It must have the following jar files from the Hive Cluster as written in this documentation: Connect to Hive from JDBC



Public Name

via public hostname of the cluster: see create hive odbc data source

Direct Local Connection to a head


  • The FQDN of either of the cluster headnodes:
  • Port: 10001
  • Mechanism: User Name and Password
  • User Name: The user name of the HTTP user you provisioned when you created the cluster. It defaults to admin.
  • Password: Specify the password for the HTTP cluster user
  • Thrift Transport: Choose HTTP

Documentation / Reference

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