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1 - About

Image are used to create VM.

3 - Management

3.1 - List

The urn property is the image name.

  • The Linux oracle vm.

az.cmd vm image list --all --publisher oracle
az.cmd vm image list --all --offer Oracle-Linux --output table

Example output:

	"offer": "Oracle-Linux",
	"publisher": "Oracle",
	"sku": "7.4",
	"urn": "Oracle:Oracle-Linux:7.4:7.4.20170908",
	"version": "7.4.20170908"

  • The windows desktop 10

az.cmd vm image list --all --publisher "MicrosoftWindowsDesktop" --sku "RS3-Pro" --output table --location westeurope

Offer       Publisher                Sku       Urn                                                      Version
----------  -----------------------  --------  -------------------------------------------------------  -----------
Windows-10  MicrosoftWindowsDesktop  RS3-Pro   MicrosoftWindowsDesktop:Windows-10:RS3-Pro:16299.125.0   16299.125.0
Windows-10  MicrosoftWindowsDesktop  RS3-Pro   MicrosoftWindowsDesktop:Windows-10:RS3-Pro:16299.192.0   16299.192.0
Windows-10  MicrosoftWindowsDesktop  RS3-Pro   MicrosoftWindowsDesktop:Windows-10:RS3-Pro:16299.64.0    16299.64.0
Windows-10  MicrosoftWindowsDesktop  RS3-ProN  MicrosoftWindowsDesktop:Windows-10:RS3-ProN:16299.125.0  16299.125.0
Windows-10  MicrosoftWindowsDesktop  RS3-ProN  MicrosoftWindowsDesktop:Windows-10:RS3-ProN:16299.192.0  16299.192.0
Windows-10  MicrosoftWindowsDesktop  RS3-ProN  MicrosoftWindowsDesktop:Windows-10:RS3-ProN:16299.64.0   16299.64.0

  • Example SQL Server Developer Edition. Edition available are SQLDEV, Express, Web, Enterprise or Standard.

az.cmd vm image list --all --publisher "MicrosoftSQLServer" --sku "SQLDEV" --output table --location westeurope

  • Publisher:
    • Redhat OS = redhat
    • Informatica = informatica

az.cmd vm image list --all --publisher "redhat" --offer "RHEL" --output table --location westeurope

3.2 - Publishing

4 - Documentation / Reference

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