OS - Executable

Process States


An operating system has two forms of executable file:

To be able to run, the file (native image or script) should have the permissions (on linux, it should have the executable file permission).

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Application - Rich Client

An application client: is an executable that runs on a client machine and offers a rich user interface. For Java, it typically has a graphical user interface (GUI) created from JavaxFx, Swing...
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Call Stack - Run-time Stack

The primary purpose of a call stack is to store the return addresses of each active function (subroutine). When a function (subroutine) is called, the location (address) of the instruction at which the...
Compiler - Binary

binary files in the context of a compiler are executable file created by the compiler targeting a run-time (execution) environment. They are called binary files because they contain binary data that can...
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Computer science from a data perspective
How to give the permission to an executable to take the port 80 on Linux?

On Unix-based systems, the default HTTP port 80 is only available to program (executable) started by the root user. For security reasons, it is not desirable to run the server as root (if the program...
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Instruction - Execution (Execution environment)

A execution environment is an environment that provides the facility to make instruction executable. It's a sort of context at the computer device level. Execution is the third step in a instruction...
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Instruction Set - Object Code (Machine Code)

An object code or object module is a plain binary file composed of a series of Cpu instructions (language machine) that a programmable device (generally a CPU) can understand. The term code indicate that...
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Java - (Jar|Java ARchive) File

JAR stands for Java ARchive and is file format born in 1996 as a simple extension of the popular ZIP archive format with class and other required resource files: manifest signature files images,...
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Language - Script

A script is the text file that contains code (generally from a scripting language). It: is executed directly by via the interpreter without compile phase or the compile step is transparent ...
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Linux - File

Linux file management See Using Parameters Expansion Removal From a path string where the file does not exist dirname returns the first parent of an existing path file. ...

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