Process - Command (Command line)

1 - About

Interactive Programming - Command in a OS context.

A OS command is a line of text that will create a process instance from a program (also known as image) .

3 - Syntax

A command line is just a one line of text:

4 - Example

Chrome command line in a bash grammar. A command line is just a one line of text

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" #<-- Path 
    --no-startup-window /prefetch:5 # <-- Argument
    --flag-switches-begin # <-- Argument
    --flag-switches-end # <-- Argument
    --enable-audio-service-sandbox // <-- Argument

5 - Management

5.1 - Input

A command accepts:

5.2 - Output

A command send back:

5.3 - Shell

Every shell is a wrapper language around a command line that is used in a terminal. Every shell will permit you to play with command.

In a shell interpreter, you can chain shell command through redirection operators:

5.4 - See

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