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process explorer is an application that permits to see and manage the process on windwos

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You may find out which process locks a file

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Process States
OS - Process (Main Thread) / Program

OS A process is the first thread started (called the main thread). It's the only thread that is authorized to start a new threads. A process is a unit of resources, while a thread is a unit of: scheduling...
Multi Threading Puppies
Process - (Kernel) Thread (Lightweight processes - LWP)

A thread is a child unit of execution of a process (also known as the ). Threads exist within a process. A process acts as a container for threads. A process is a unit of resources, while a thread is...
Command Line Windows Process Explorer
Process - Command (Command line)

A OS command is a line of text that will create a process instance from a program (also known as image) . A command line is just a one line of text: with a path to a executable file and arguments...
Process States
Process / Thread - State

Process / Thread State is the state that a thread (and the main thread (process)) can take. An example of a process or thread state. Other sub-state may exists. It's dependent of the process runtime....
Netstat Tcp Listening Socket
TCP - Connection

This article is a connection within the TCP protocol. A TCP server may serve several clients concurrently with the same local socket address (ie local IP address and port number) by creating a child...
Tcp Connection State Process Explorer
TCP - Established Socket

Connection (ie Socket) is in established state when a socket-to-socket virtual connection or virtual circuit (VC), also known as a TCP session, is established with the remote socket. Example when...
Process Explorer Windows Executable
What is a Native Image / Executable File / Program ?

An executable file is file (also known as an image) used to create a process (ie an executable instance of this file) An OS executable file has the format of a object file generated by a compiler. See...
Windows Error Renaming File Or Folder
Windows - How to know which application locks a file/directory ?

Sometimes when you want to rename a file or a directory, you receive this message : First, but very often, this message is caused by an other application which lock the file or the directory....
Process Explorer Environment
Windows - Process

in windows Could be merged with The below section shows this two utilities: PsTool: command line Process Explorer: GUI PsTools...

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