Windows - How to know which program takes a port ?


The management of the port with Windows.

How can I know which ports are available ?

When you install software, you need often to verify the available port in order to configure the component installation.

With TcpView

Download Tcpview and launch the .exe with the same name.

With Netstat

Just perform this instruction in a command dos.

netstat -abo | findstr ThePortNumber

Here below, we can see that Skype take the port 80 (http) or that googlewebaccclient the port 9100.

C:\Documents and Settings\Nicolas>netstat -ab

Active Connections

  Proto  Local Address          Foreign Address        State           PID
  TCP    NGERARD:http   LISTENING       2804
  TCP    NGERARD:9100   LISTENING    3748

With the options -b -v netstat determines which is PID is the originator of the port usage.

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