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File (System, Transfer, Storage) in Windows

For simple management in DOS, see:



Microsoft’s security model doesn’t permit to give ownership to someone, only to take it. That way an admin (or otherwise privileged user) cannot take ownership of a file inaccessible to her directly, access or modify it, and give it back to the original owner without notice to the original owner.

takeown /F folder

File/Folder permission

Example: Grant all to a folder

icacls "c:\openFolder" /grant "everyone":(OI)(CI)M
icacls "c:\openFolder" /grant "Authenticated Users":(OI)(CI)M
icacls "c:\openFolder" /grant "domain\user":(OI)(CI)M
processed file: c:\openFolder
Successfully processed 1 files; Failed processing 0 files

  • cacls
REM /t means "apply change recursively"
REM /e means "edit existing DACL". 
REM     Omitting this will overwrite the existing DACL.
cacls c:\temp\Test /t /e /g Everyone:f


See Windows - Path


In Windows, a file is considered an executable file if its extension is in the pathext environment variable.

There is no notion of executability in the file permission as on Linux.

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Windows 95 Wallpaper Version
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