Windows - How to add a Text Printer

Windows 95 Wallpaper Version

How to add a Text Printer

  • Add a local printer
  • Choose a printer port > Create a new port with Type of Port “Standard TCP/IP Port”
  • Printer HostName and Port Name. Enter the IP of the box running lpdspooler, just use the loopback IP for your box
  • Additional Port Information Required > Custom > Settings

Windows Line Printer

  • Install the printer driver: Generic > Generic Text only
  • Printer Name: LPR LOCAL
  • Don't share this printer

Documentation / Reference

C:\lpdspooler\lpd-0.6.5>java -classpath "C:\Users\gerard\.m2\repository\log4j\log4j\1.2.14\log4j-1.2
.14.jar;C:\lpdspooler\lpd-0.6.5\dist\lib\lpd-20040316.jar" org.simoes.lpd.Main

After printing a job, you get the text file in the current directory.

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