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File in DOS.



See What are Redirection Operators in Dos with example and how-to?

File Attribute (name, path, …)

in a for loop:

  • the file name without extension.
  • Fully Qualified Path Name

Change Attribute

Dos - Attrib Command (File Attributes)

IF Exist

See if exist statement


del myFile.txt



rename myFile.txt myRenameFile.txt

Display the content

TYPE filename

type will display the contents of a text file or files.

Re-assigning file ownership

takeown /?

Concatenate two files

By using the type command and the redirections operators, you can concatenate files.

Example that add the content of file1.txt in file2.txt

type file1.txt >> file2.txt


See fc Compares two files or sets of files, and displays the differences between them.

File Association

How to create:

  • Example with Python:
assoc .py=Python.File
ftype Python.File=c:\Python27\python.exe "%1" %*




Recursively with xcopy (a better version of copy)

xcopy C:\source D:\target\path /s /e /h /y


  • s copies all sub directory (not the empty one)
  • e copies also the empty directory
  • h copies also hidden files
  • y don't prompt to override

See for details over the options

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